Budget Billing

Are you interested in spreading your heating costs out evenly throughout the year, making payments more manageable?

Look no further because Crossroads Gas offers Budget Billing. This is a monthly payment amount based on your previous annual natural gas costs. Budget Billing helps our customers avoid high bills during peak usage months. For example: instead of paying $50 in August and $500 in January you could be paying $175 every month all year long.

There are a few rules first, so let’s see if you’re eligible:

  1. You must have a minimum 1 year of billing history with us at your current address.
  2. Your gas account must be paid in full.
  3. Your usage must be less than 800 Gigajoules (GJ) per year.
  4. You cannot be a renter.
  5. You must be signed up for Pre-Authorized Withdrawal.

Terms and Conditions

  • You will continue to receive a monthly statement.
  • Your monthly payment amount will be reassessed at the 6th month mark to make sure you aren’t paying too much or too little.
  • At the end of 12 months from enrollment, your account will be reconciled with any credits owed or outstanding amounts applied to your gas account. If there is an amount owing, it will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on the 22nd. Then the next 12 months of new payments will begin again.
  • Crossroads will not contact you if your payment amount changes at 6 or 12 months. It is your responsibility to monitor your Budget Billing Account Balance on your gas bill every month. You want to have an amount with a credit symbol ($ -350.00) for most of the year. If you have concerns with the payment amount or would like to opt out, please contact us right away at 403-227-4861.
  • You can only sign up for Budget Billing in the spring.
  • If your Pre-Authorized Debit is returned due to insufficient funds (NSF), you will be removed from the Budget Billing program.

If this sounds good to you, call us at 403-227-4861 or email us at reception@crgas.ca to get started.