Is my property located in the Crossroads Gas service area?
Click Here to refer to an interactive map of rural gas co-ops in Alberta. You can also go out to your gas meter and the name of the gas co-op that services your rural property will be engraved on a metal tag on the gas meter. If you live in a city, town or village you can go to the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to search for energy retailers in your area. Click on this link to visit their website ucahelps.alberta.ca/retailers.

How can I pay my bill?
1. Pre-Authorized Debit from your bank account 
2. Online, telephone or teller banking by using your Crossroads account number     
3. Cheque, debit card, or credit card – we no longer accept cash payments
4. After hours drop slot located outside the office    

When is my gas bill due?
Payments need to be received, in full, by the end of the day on the 22nd of each month. Any unpaid balance will be subject to an overdue charge of 2%.

Do you accept credit card payments?
We accept credit card payments via OptionPay. Please click on this link OptionPay.ca and it will take you to the credit card payment page or you can call us with your credit card info. OptionPay fee will apply.

How can I sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit Payments and E-billing?
You can email or call us to set up either or complete the form below and return it to us by mail or email.
Ebilling & Auto-Debit Sign Up Form

Do you have Budget Billing or Equalization Payments?
Yes we do! For more information on Budget Billing click on this link: Budget Billing Info or call us at 403-227-4861.

I am a renter, can I still get the bill in my name?
No. As of June 2019, the Board of Directors made a motion to cease new rental gas accounts. The account must be in the landowners name. If you are a new renter, please phone us at 403-227-4861 and we’ll let you know your options.

I’m doing some ground disturbance, who do I contact to have my underground utilities marked?
Please contact Utility Safety Partners to submit a locate request: UtilitySafety.ca  or 1-800-242-3447. A Crossroads Gas staff member will respond to your locate request within 72 hours. 

Do you hook up or inspect gas appliances or furnaces?
No. We do not hook up or inspect gas appliances or furnaces. Please contact your local plumber. 

Do you inspect for gas leaks?
Yes, please contact the office directly to arrange an inspection.

Can I remove or repair my own gas meter?
No. This is considered tampering with your gas meter and tampering is illegal and against the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act. Your gas connection may be disconnected and you will have to pay for all of the gas you have used. You may also pay additional penalties and/or fines for tampering. Please contact Crossroads Gas if you believe your own meter or a neighbours meter has been tampered with.

How can I update my contact information?
Please call or email our office.

What happens if there is a gas outage? 
Gas outages are usually found and reported by you, the customer. It starts with a call to our office (403-227-4861) that you have no heat. Crossroads Gas employees will immediately notify all the affected customers by phone. Please note that none of your gas appliances will be working, including your furnace, so be prepared. Repairs will be completed as quickly as possible. Crossroads Gas employees will then phone all the affected customers to let them know that gas has been restored and ask them if they need help relighting appliances. If so, we will visit each customer’s property to assist. If we can’t get a hold of you or your emergency contacts, we will visit your property and continue trying to reach you. It’s very important to keep your contact info up to date. Planned outages are rare and when they do occur we use an alternate source of gas supply so that your service will not be affected. 

I’ve hit an underground gas line, now what? 
STOP all work, shut off any machinery and leave the area on foot. DON’T attempt to repair the line. CALL CROSSROADS or 911 if there is a fire or injuries. DON’T continue your project until authorized by a Crossroads Gas representative. 

Can I view my bill online? 
Not yet but we’re working on it. For now you can sign up for e-billing to get your bill emailed to you each month. 

Can I choose which retailer I get my natural gas from? 
If your property is in rural Alberta, then probably not. Gas co-ops are different from all other Alberta regulated and competitive retailers. We are both a gas distributor with our own underground gas line system and a gas billing provider. In Alberta, consumers cannot choose their own gas distributor. Crossroads operates under the Rural Utilities Act legislation which gives participating co-ops the exclusive right to provide natural gas service to all consumers in a franchise area and this cannot be infringed upon by other retailers. Gas co-op pricing and fees are often very competitive or even lower than other retailers. The reason for this is we are not-for-profit and are locally owned and controlled by you our members, not shareholders.