Gas Leak Detection

Crossroads has hired GLD Projects Inc. to perform our annual leak detection of the gas lines and the meter on your house.

These contractors will be driving GLD Projects branded vehicles and carrying Crossroads contractor ID badges.

GLD Projects will call landowners ahead of time to let them know they are working in the area. If you have any concerns, please call the office at 403-227-4861.

Federal Fuel Charge

The federal carbon pollution pricing system was implemented in Alberta on January 1, 2020. A charge on fossil fuels is part of the Canadian government’s climate change action plan to help lower carbon emissions. The fuel charge rates reflect a carbon pollution price of $65 per tonne of carbon dioxide and will continue to rise by $15 per tonne annually to reach $170 per tonne in 2030. You will notice a line item on your gas bill to reflect the rate per GJ of natural gas consumed. The amount collected is remitted to the Federal Government monthly by your utility company.  

Effective Date                    Federal Fuel Charge per GJ

January 1, 2020                  $1.05/GJ

April 1, 2020                       $1.58GJ

April 1, 2021                       $2.10/GJ 

April 1, 2022                       $2.63/GJ

April 1, 2023                       $3.33/GJ

April 1, 2024                      $4.10/GJ  < We are here 

Canada Carbon Rebate payments

To help pay for the charge, Albertan’s over the age of 19 will automatically receive rebate payments four times per year on the 15th (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) by direct deposit or cheque, whatever you are signed up for on the CRA website. If you have a spouse or common-law partner, only one of you can get the credit for the family. The credit will be paid to the spouse or common-law partner whose tax return was assessed first. No matter which one of you receives the credit, the amount will be the same. Please see below for an example of how much your family could receive split over 4 payments throughout the year.

  • $1080 for a single adult or the first adult in a couple
  • $540 for the second adult in a couple
  • $270 for each child in the family 
  • Above includes the 20% extra for residents of small and rural communities (outside of Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge)

*A rural family of four could get up to $2,160 ($540 quarterly).

Fixed Rate vs Floating Rate

Crossroads Gas only offers floating gas rates and we’d like to explain why.

Gas Alberta Inc. is our gas supplier and they purchase natural gas supplies monthly on behalf of Crossroads using a diversified gas supply portfolio, including daily and monthly indexed supplies and direct purchases from producers. Gas Alberta also carries out a prudent hedging program to minimize price volatility and lower its gas costs. Their mandate is to purchase natural gas from the market at rates lower than the regulated natural gas retailers namely Direct Energy Regulated Services and APEX Utilities. “Since November 2018 the average rural end-use consumer has saved approximately $1,200 through Gas Alberta’s rates as compared to the average of fixed rate options over the same period.”

When comparing fixed vs floating price options for natural gas it’s important to note that fixed prices have rarely been the most economical option over time. Fixed prices may become more competitive than market rates in the short term, but this trend typically reverses very quickly. Natural gas consumers are much better off by remaining with monthly market prices in the long run. An alternative to help with high winter gas bills is to sign up for Budget Billing in the spring. Contact Crossroads Gas to find out more.

3 Year Rate Forecast

Where is the line?

Please keep yourself and your community safe by calling or Clicking Before You Dig. Before you disturb the ground, visit or call 1-800-242-3447 to get all your underground utilities located. Crossroads Gas responds to locates quickly so we don’t hold up your project.

Hitting a gas line could cost you thousands $$$$. Requesting locates is FREE.

Please note, rural properties must choose the Large Project ticket type when requesting a locate through the Utility Safety Partners website.

To submit a locate request please click on the image below or call 1-800-242-3447.

Avoid high winter bills this year

Are you interested in spreading your heating costs out evenly throughout the year, making payments more manageable? Look no further because we offer Budget Billing. Call us at 403-227-4861 to get set up now.