Crossroads Gas Co-op Ltd.


Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops

The Federation is a not-for-profit umbrella organization governed by an eight-member board of directors, with the main function of providing to our Member gas utilities centralized services to help save costs by pooling the resources of our entire membership base.

Gas Alberta

Gas Alberta Inc. is a specialized organization that combines utility, trading, financing and operational expertise into one innovative business unit. They are the exclusive gas supplier to 73 distribution utilities.

Alberta One-Call

Alberta One-Call is a non-profit corporation that since October 1st 1984 has provided a communication service, between the digging community and the owners of buried facilities, to arrange for the marking of the location of buried facilities before a ground disturbance takes place.

Our mission is to provide affordable, clean-burning fuel to the homes, farms, and businesses of its customers in a manner which is efficient, friendly, safe, and reliable.

About Us

Providing you with Rural Natural Gas since 1973.

Crossroads Gas Co-op distributes, invoices and maintains rural natural gas purchased from Gas Alberta to a franchise area taking in most of the region east of QE2 highway from Red Deer to Carstairs with the Red Deer River as the east boundary. We are a Member owned Gas Co-op operated by an elected Board of Directors. Our vision is to continually improve the effectiveness of its quality management system to meet customer’s needs, promote viability of the natural gas system, help grow rural communities, and ensure all the benefits stay within those communities.


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