Charges Explained

Crossroads Gas is a non-profit member owned utility. We were created and are run by you, our customers. You elect the Board of Directors, who are also Crossroads customers, and most of the charges you see on your bill, except Cost of Gas and Federal Fuel Charge, are determined and approved by your elected Board. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are not operating to generate profit like most other utilities in Alberta. We are operating for a collective benefit to get you natural gas. Below are the charges you will see on your monthly gas bill:

Administration Charge Fixed: This charge covers the costs related to the billing process and providing customer service.

Cost of Gas: This is the natural gas rate per Gigajoule (GJ) and directly recovers what Crossroads Gas paid its gas supplier Gas Alberta.

Gas Cost Recovery and Reserve: This charge covers any gas losses on the distribution system and maintaining the reserve fund for future needs, unplanned events and rising costs.

Delivery and System Maintenance: This charge covers the costs related to building, maintaining, and operating the gas distribution system.

Federal Fuel Charge: This is the rate per GJ payable to the Canadian Government as part of the Climate Change Action Plan to help lower carbon emissions.

*Can you choose which retailer you get your natural gas from? 
If your property is in a city, town or village, then yes you can. If your property is in rural Alberta, then probably not. Gas co-ops are different from all other Alberta regulated and competitive retailers. We are both a gas distributor with our own underground gas line system and a gas billing provider. In Alberta, consumers cannot choose their own gas distributor. Crossroads operates under the Rural Utilities Act legislation which gives participating co-ops the exclusive right to provide natural gas service to all consumers in a franchise area and this cannot be infringed upon by other retailers. Gas co-op pricing and fees are often very competitive or even lower than other retailers. The reason for this is we are not-for-profit and are locally owned and controlled by you our members, not shareholders.