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$1000 Achievement Awards for Rural Students

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The Federation Achievement Award was created to recognize deserving students of members across rural Alberta. Four $1,000 awards are handed out at the Federation Annual General Meeting. For a copy of the application form, click here. 

– Children of co-operative members of gas utilities within the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops, as well as, children or landowners who are serviced by gas member towns, villages, counties, or bands.
– Memberships must have been in place at least one full year.
– Children of active members of the Provincial Federation Board are NOT eligible.
– Preference will be given to applicants entering either a field of study which applies to the Natural Gas Industry (e.g. Gas Utility Operators, Gasfitters, Pipefitters, Power Engineering, Heavy Equipment Technician, etc.) or to Rural-based programs.
Acceptable Institutions and Courses:
Admission to first year of a degree or diploma or apprenticeship program at any eligible accredited post secondary institute of learning in Alberta listed in the application form.
Academic Standards:
Candidates must have completed the course work of the last one (1) year of schooling required for admission to the post secondary institution and must have obtained an academic standing of at least seventy five percent (75%) in core subjects.
Applicants not achieving at least this standing will NOT be eligible.





Free Summer Camp!!!

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Do you have a teen aged 11 to 18 that would love to go to camp all expenses paid? Crossroads Gas sponsors two teens from our membership each year. Program registration is now open. The deadline is May 17, 2019. Click here for more information. If you would like to send your teen to camp, call us at Crossroads Gas and we’ll let you know the next step.

The Co-operative Youth Leadership Program
ACCA’s Co-operative Youth Leadership Program provides an opportunity for youth to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. It is designed to give youth independence and confidence in their abilities while creating lasting friendships.
These seven day programs take place at Goldeye Centre, located near Nordegg, Alberta in the summer every year. This beautiful, remote setting provides the perfect environment to build friendships, discover hidden talents, learn new skills, gain a positive view of the world, and contribute to their own future.

Beware of Text Message Scam

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Crossroads Gas customers have made us aware of a new text message scam. Fraudsters are contacting our customers pretending to be Crossroads Gas employees and asking them to reply to add Crossroads as a payee. Please do not reply or click on any links and call us if you have any questions about your gas account. If you suspect that you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds, don’t be embarrassed – you’re not alone. If you want to report a fraud, or if you need more information, contact The Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.


Home Upgrades Program from Energy Efficiency Alberta

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Nearly one quarter of Albertan households are struggling to pay their energy bills – that’s over 300,000 families. 

Supported by Energy Efficiency Alberta, Empower Me is offering energy saving home upgrades to families struggling with their utility bills in the province. The Empower Me Home Upgrades program helps renters and homeowners reduce their energy consumption by installing energy saving measures, as well as providing energy education and mentorship. Please click the link below for more information about the program and to sign up!

Courtesy of EmPower me ®


E-Billing & Auto-Debit

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Take advantage of paperless billing and worry free payments! Have your gas bill emailed to you each month and your payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. You can sign up for both or just one by clicking on the link below and returning it to us by email or mail. 

E-Billing & Auto-Debit Sign Up


Pay by Credit Card with OptionPay!

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OptionPay allows you to pay with your credit card online or over the phone. A great option for a last minute payment ! Call our office with your card info today or click the logo below to pay your gas bill on the OptionPay website.

*OptionPay fee will apply.*




Understanding Your Bill

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Having trouble understanding your Crossroads bill? Click on the link below for a sample bill with a general description about frequently asked questions:

Understanding Your Bill

Carbon Levy

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As part of the Climate Leadership Plan to reduce emissions that cause climate change, Alberta began pricing carbon pollution effective January 1, 2017. This includes the natural gas used to heat your home. The carbon levy rate on natural gas for 2018 is $1.517/Gigajoule (GJ). Your natural gas bill includes a line item for the levy. Rebates will be provided to lower-and-middle income Albertans to offset the costs associated with the levy. You do not need to apply for the rebate. You only need to file a tax return and meet the income criteria. To learn more about the carbon levy, rebates, exemptions, and what steps you can take to reduce emissions please visit or call 310-0000.

Are you moving?

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If you are moving, please let us know! Whether you are buying, selling or renting, Crossroads encourages you to initiate the process online. Please complete the applicable form below and return it to us by email! Forms can also be found under the FAQ page of this site.

Existing Customer/Move out Form

New Customer/Move in Form